Our Story So Far

BadApe started out as a series of sketches, produced by Moonjay Goodman on December 30th 2016. Five years later, in October 2021, BadApe NFT was published using the original drawing from Moonjay Goodman himself and was marketed on the Pentas.io marketplace. BadApe quickly received a lot of attention from NFT enthusiasts including some high-profile celebrities from Asia! These include Malaysian rapper Joe Flizzow, Singaporean rapper Rauzan Rahman and JDT footballer Syamer Kutter amongst others. See our Hall Of Fame for more information on current holders of Bad Ape.

The BadApe team is made up of three people, who are all experts in their respective fields, including graphic design and art, web development, cryptocurrency, technology and cybersecurity.

Our Vision

As you can see, the Bad Ape project is just in its beginning phases, with our first minting of Bad Apes 1 – 1000 taking place between November and December 2021. We are very much a community driven project and have a very active Discord community. We want to make our project as inclusive as possible to both NFT enthusiasts and newbies and for this reason have set minting prices low. As minting progresses, this price will slowly start to creep up, so it’s a good idea to get in early to secure your Ape! See our Roadmap for more details on our upcoming mints.

Future Plans

We here at Bad Ape see our project as a marathon rather than a sprintWe are here for the long haul. If all of the 10,000 BadApe NFT characters are sold, we plan on creating more NFT’s, which will assist the Bad Ape NFTs in our planned Metaverse game.

These proposed NFT’s include but are not limited to:

  • BadApe spaceships
  • BadApe weapons 
  • BadApe pills
  • BadApe potions

Our aim is to create a BadApe metaverse, including a Play To Earn PC/VR game, using the collection of 10000 Bad Ape NFTs. This will give your Bad Ape NFT utility as well as simply looking awesome!

You can contribute any metaverse ideas you have in our Discord channel


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