YouTuber, The Segment is excited to announce the launch of his NFT collection on Pentas.IO.

Hafiz Hadi, the man behind The Segment is looking to take his horror podcast into the non-fungible token (NFT) space. He was encouraged to venture into NFTs after seeking advice from NFT collector, Van Klinkert Delarosa and Moonjay of Badape.NFT.

Hafiz is known for his spine-chilling stories on The Segment YouTube channel. The Segment was originally an inactive YouTube channel, which Hafiz decided to resurrect after having a eureka moment to share ghost stories. Ever since then, he gained 35,000 subscribers and still growing, all this in only 10 months.

Hafiz Hadi, the man behind The Segment YouTube channel

 “100 Faces Of Toyol” is a unique collection of 100 Toyols, which is a green child-like spirit that resembles a goblin with sharp, animal-like teeth based on Malay folklore. These Toyols are seeking eternal life on the Binance Smart Chain.

Expect to see some incredible hand-drawn art from The Segment team. Owning these NFTs entitles you to physical merchandise freebies and access to a virtual reality haunted house, which is due to launch in the near future.

According to The Segment’s NFT roadmap, the first project will include 100 Toyol NFTs, followed by the second project, which is another 100 Pontianak NFTs. The Pontianak is the Malay version of the vampire.

In the collection of 100 Toyols, there are 5 rare Toyols for the individuals who are lucky enough to buy them at launch. The team will release them in batches and will announce the rarity after all of them are sold out.

The Segment team is fully committed to their new NFT project and is gaining attention in the NFT community.

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